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Little life getting sprouted, and mother always wanted to bring him the most meticulous protection. Warm baby clothes, safe and comfortable cribs, prenatal music, preschool classes, etc., are well prepared during pregnancy. However, don’t forget to prepare for your baby’s health.


Pertussis is a highly contagious infectious disease that can cause recurring and violent coughs. People of different ages may suffer from it. However, once infants and young children are infected, they are more likely to have serious complications such as pneumonia, convulsions, apnea (slowed or stopped breathing), and encephalopathy (disease of the brain), even death.1


According to the Hong Kong Childhood Immunization Program, young infant receives the first dose of pertussis-containing vaccine when they are at two months old. That means infant won’t have protection against Pertussis before 2 months old. According to statistics, the incidence rate of pertussis is the highest in infants and young children of age. Therefore, it is very important to provide protection for children early.2

Maternal immunization during pregnancy, which directly protects the infant primarily through transplacental transfer of maternal vaccine-induced antibodies from mother to foetus, providing protection for the baby in the early stage of birth before he has complete schedule of Pertussis containing vaccine. The antibody generated by Pertussis vaccine can pass to infant though breastfeeding. CHP recommends pregnant women to be vaccinated during the second or third trimester (before 35 weeks). Please check with your doctor for details.2


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