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Story of Louis Pasteur

Story of Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur is a French scientist, he is recognized to be “The Father of Immunology”. 1

Mr. Pasteur introduced the concept of vaccination. He developed methods of how to reduce activity of virulence of microbes, made it as an “live attenuated microbes/ live but weakened microbes”, so that the weakened live microbes could be used to make vaccines. Example includes rabies vaccines. 1

He also introduced the concept of fermentation and Pasteurization. He realized that the unwanted microbes in the wine could be destroyed by temperature between 60° and 100°C. The process was known as “Pasteurization”. Later, Pasteurization was extended to all sorts of other spoilable substances, such as milk. 1,2

Therefore, Mr. Pasteur made hopes to prevention of infectious diseases. 1



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