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Values of Vaccines

The Values of Vaccines


Vaccines are one of the most successful and cost-effective health investments in history. Vaccination currently saves between 2 and 3 million lives every year. Vaccines as public health tools – eradicating smallpox, containing polio to just three endemic countries and greatly reducing many other diseases – have an indisputable track record. 1

For example, in 1974, Japan had a successful pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination program, with nearly 80% of Japanese children vaccinated. That year only 393 cases of pertussis were reported in the entire country, and there were no deaths from pertussis. But then rumors began to spread that pertussis vaccination was no longer needed and that the vaccine was not safe, and by 1976 only 10% of infants were getting vaccinated. In 1979 Japan suffered a major pertussis epidemic, with more than 13,000 cases of whooping cough and 41 deaths. In 1981 the government began vaccinating with acellular pertussis vaccine, and the number of pertussis cases dropped again. 2

It is important to keep immunizing unless the disease wil be eliminated. Even there are a few cases of disease today, if we take away the protection given from vaccination, people may become infected again and they may spread disease to others. So what would happen if we stopped vaccinating? Diseases that are almost unknown would stage a comeback. More people would get sick and more would die. 2




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